• Why do we end up doing what we most afraid of?

When you create a vision about your life, how is it? I mean, how do you create it? is it based on your family expectations? society? friends? is it coming from your inner call or others opinion? is it pure and full of life or dead and repetitive like majority of people? how you create your vision and where the source of motive coming from is very important. when you do not have enough tools to build your own vision, others will interfere. they will decide for you, plan your future for you, hate or love for you, pick and choose your choices for you.

Pay attention to yourself when someone says something about that idea you have in mind, or a project you want to work on. If you listen to them you will not live the life that is meant for you. you won’t be able to follow and live your dreams because, you are applying their opinions to you life purpose, think about that again,

(their opinion)+(your purpose)= 0

You simply get distracted or moved away from what you need to learn and experience. They push you away from your initial plans, thus you fail. Because by listening to them and letting their poison sink in, you start choosing paths different from your passion. Their strong intentions put you in difficult situations that you do not know how to deal with. when the road is not yours you will fail. Therefore, pay attention to people around you, don’t let them spoil you.

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